We are stonemasons in the UK specialising in monuments, memorials, headstones and gravestones for burials and cremations.

Carrying on a tradition established in 1935, our skilled masons, sculptors and designers are at your service to provide a memorial of quality. We have access to direct supplies of stone, marble and granite from all over the world.

We service all of England and Wales from our base in Northamptonshire.

You may live some distance from the location of the grave site and maybe it is not easy for you travel to the area. By using our services, location is not a concern.

Our experienced Memorial Advisor is at the other end of the telephone in your area and will be pleased to advise you and at your request, discuss matters with the cemetery office or church on your behalf.

So you see, nothing could be easier, just pick up the telephone for your free brochure and price list.

A matter that may have been on your mind for some time can be easily dealt with and at modest cost.

Postal enquiries and correspondence to:

Peter Thomas,
217 Woodlands Road,
Nr. Southampton,
SO40 7GJ
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